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Supply List

Please send the following items to school for your child to use this year:

  • Art/Paint Shirt

  • A sweatshirt that can be left in the coat bag all year. (Many times we find our room is chilly. Students work better if they are comfortable.)

  • Take Home Folder (I can provide this but if your child wants to pick their own folder, that is fine.)

  • One box of tissues and one tub of Disinfecting Wipes  ***Only one of each please! storage space can be a problem. I will send a note home asking for more as the need arises. 

  • Earbuds or headphones   ***Please have these opened from their packaging and in a ziplock that they fit in with their name on the bag.

  • A pair of scissors 

*All of the items will be sent home at the end of the year.**Please, put your child's name on each item! 

Please note:

  • A pencil box, pencils, crayons and gluesticks will be provided for your student. PLEASE, do not send these items, or colored pencils or markers. Those items will be sent back home.

  • I allow water bottles in the classroom. However, they are not kept at the students' desks. They are left with the bookbags and lunchboxes. Students may drink from them when drinks are allowed. We have a working water fountain in our classroom. We get drinks often. A waterbottle is not required.

  • If a waterbottle is brought to school, ONLY water is allowed. Please, no juice, soda, sports drinks, etc and definately not any items that would need refrigerated. 

  • Please be sure the waterbottle is leak proof. Test it out at home. It is very difficult for your child to participate in class if items they need are wet because of leaks on the way to school. It is also a safely hazzard if the bottle spills on the floor but goes unnoticed.