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Classroom Expectations

These are the academic goals for First Graders:Reading:

  • Use sight words (vocab words) on sight

  • Read 60 words per minute

  • Read at or above an I level


  • Write a good paragraph

  • At least 3 or 4 sentences

  • Use capitals and end marks correctly

  • Use complete sentences


  • Know what adding and subtracting is and when to use each

  • Know Math facts

  • tell time to the hour and half hour

  • Know the vallue of coins and count simple amounts (This is not in our curriculum but they will need this for second grade so we work on these skills as we have time)

  • Measure to the inch

The social expectations for First Graders are:

  • Be quite in class and in the hallway and pay attention

  • Hands and feet should be still and kept to yourself

  • Eyes should be watching

  • Ears should be listening


This year we are using a fun and positive space theme to track behavior!